Shameless Season 8 Episode 11 : Takeover

Libby gets her mother a nurse to look after her when she's at work, all doesn't go to plan when Libby's mother mis-treated. Lillian reveals that she has signed over the house to her newly adopted daughter, Bonnie. Bonnie tells Lillian about her life growing up and then commits suicide.

NameShameless Season 8 : Takeover
Air DateFebruary 22nd, 2011
GenresComedy, Drama
NetworkChannel 4
Guest StarRosie Cavaliero
Plot Keywordssex, northern england, sibling relationship, self-destruction, white trash, dark comedy, big family, dysfunctional family, sexual humor, scam, working class, drugs, family, single father, alcoholic father, council estate, unemployed, manchester, family problems

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